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The mythological belief is that Lord Parasurama threw an axe into the Arabian Sea and Kerala was created from the ocean. Numerous temples, churches and mosques dot the state. The people of the state are highly religious minded but tolerant. Every religious festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, piety and pomp and show.

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True to its name, ‘God’s own country’ Kerala lives up to its name with its unique landscape, culture and an experience that’s breathtakingly mesmerizing. Located on the Malabar Coast of South West India, Kerala boasts of being one of the most literate and gender- equitable states in the country.

A state that has fused modernity and tradition in a mutually enriching fashion, Kerala is a sought after destination for domestic as well as tourists from across the globe. Think about the ancient tradition of ayurveda and you know for sure, there cannot be a better destination than Kerala.

Kerala is dotted with some fascinating hill stations like Echo point in Munnar, Ramakalmedu in Nedumkandam, Peermede hills in Idukki, Munnar hills in Idukki and Thrissanku and Peeru hills in Idukki to name a few.

And during your vacation to God’s own country when you feel tempted to satiate your taste buds there are thousands of traditional recipes, which will leave you asking for more. Add to its special dishes that one gets to taste during festivals like Onam and Pongala apart from the vibrancy of the festivals and the activities associated with these festivals and much more.

There are certain images that will definitely remind you of Kerala without exception, irrespective of whether you have travelled to the state or not. A woman lying for an ayurveda session, a serene lake with a house boat, or perhaps a snake boat manned by hundreds of men, or the masked Kathakali dancer making artful moves; all these and much more belongs exclusively to Kerala. Given a chance I would categorise mankind into two; on the one hand are the people who have visited and felt Kerala and on the other are the ones who have not visited Kerala. It’s an experience that will fulfil all your senses.

There are several other reasons to visit the God’s country; Raja Ravi Varma’s artful oil paintings and traditional stalls selling local fascinating local handicrafts being just a few of them. If you ever wanted to feel paradise on earth, there cannot be a better way of fulfilling that human desire in a lifetime.