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VythiriVythiri is one of the most visited hill stations in Kerala. Providing option of staying such as tree houses can convert your holiday into a dream. One gets the enchanting sight and scenic view of hills with shining and sparkling silver streams flowing down. Even the sunshine in this part of the earth seems different, more golden and dreamier. No wonder Vagamon comes as a must visit destination for those on Kerala Tour.

Spend the cherished times of your vacation enjoying the numerous sounds of nature - the chirping of birds, the sound of swaying trees, hidden sounds of insects, among other bounties of nature. When there are none of these natural sounds, there is the beautiful silence, the tranquil that we look forward to when we go on a holiday. This beautiful hill station where only nature speaks in terms of beauty is called Vythiri.

Vythiri is one of the most beautiful hill stations of Kerala located at about 100 km from Kozhikode about 1300 m above the sea level. The place is famous for its lush green sprawling plantation of coffee, tea, cardamom, pepper and rubber. The misty hills with full of lush green vegetation provide a breathtaking view to its visitors. The fresh and pristine breeze laden with the fragrance of nature soothes and refreshes your mind and soul.

The ayurvedic massage, which is the inherent part of Kerala’s tradition, uses only herbs and ayurveda with hot oil to soothe your senses. This is available in Vythiri in form of Vythiri ayurvedic massage. The hill tours and the massage completely relax the mind and body. An attractions that makes this places one of the top Kerala Hill Stations.

Vythiri is located more than 3,000 feet above the sea. The best time to spend a holiday at Vythiri hill tours is the monsoon season. During this time the tree house that is the your abode during the tour makes the forest shine and sparkle. The greenery comes alive in Vythiri.

Besides the tree houses, the Eddakal caves can be visited on the Vythiri hill tours an exquisite attraction for the travellers on an India Tour. The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the section of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, is a place to visit as you can explore the wildlife. Walking with twigs and leaves crushing under your feet, being able to see a squirrel or a rare bird or maybe seeing a Nilgiri langur on a tree can make a lifetime of memory.

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Starting from Wayanad, Kozhikode is the nearest rail as well as air connection to reach Vythiri.