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The ritual of Aranmula Uthrattathi, begins in the Parthasarthy temple of Aranmula, with a lavish lunch offered to Aranmula Shri Krishna temple of Kerala as the festival is in memory of the crossing of the river by Lord Krishna on that day. Kerala celebrates every festival with pomp and show. This is the best part of every enjoyment in India.

The Folk-tale : This festival has a long history of water carnival organized every year known as Jalotsavams, also there is a story associated to it. The legends says that a Brahmin devotee used to offer rice to Aranmula temple, but on one such occasions he was attacked by rival men from other village and was rescued only by a Snake boat of his own village.

Aranmula Uthrattathi

Snake Boat-race : This festival also celebrates the rescue of the Brahmin, by organizing Snake Boat race, which is the most amusing sight on a South India tour. This festival is also treated as a sport event thus it is open for people from all color, caste or creed. Lord Krishna is placed in all the boats that take part in this carnival. All boats are expected to reach their destination simultaneously making Snake boat race one of the prime. Thousands of people gather to enjoy the sight. Everyone shouts and sing full throated. This is one major festival of the divine state.

attractions of Kerala : Aranmula Uthrattathi is an elaborate festival filled with sanctity and is devoid of any feelings of cutthroat competition. Participants on the beat of drums, sounds of holy hymns and cheering crowd on the edges, participates in this festival of merriment and communal harmony. The attractive air of the place will definitely make your mood sing with the melody of the surrounding.
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