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Viakom in Kerala is known for the Mahadeva Temple, which attracts devotees from distant lands all round the year. This is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, which holds its annual festival with grandeur and all ritualistic fervor. Ashtami in Vaikom falls on the 8 th day of this annual festival and this is the time when this city becomes a must visit destination for those on Kerala Tour.

About A shtami in Vaikom

Ashthami or Vaikattashtami as it is also called, falls during the dark lunar fortnight of Vrischikam that falls between mid November to mid December. Ashthami in Vaikom is the most significant day of the annual 12-day festival. On this day the program begins in the wee morning hours when the devotees come to offer prayer to Lord Mahadeva, under a peepal tree. A feast follows this in the noon and a ceremonious procession at night. The procession is the most important part of the festivities during Ashtami, which is also one of the major Festivals in Kerala.

This significant procession begins after dusk when the Vaikom temple deity is taken out of the temple and brought to Anakkottil or elephant shed. The deities from the temples nearby also participate in this colorful procession which is accompanied by elephants, lighted torches and chendamelam(a trained group of traditionally dressed people playing drums). When all the deities gather at Anakkottil, the unique ceremony of Kanikkiduka or offering of presents is performed. This ritual is unique to this festival only among the other Kerala Festivals, and one of the most important one of the Vaikom Ashtami festival.

Your India Tour is sure to be an unforgettable one as you witness the colorful traditional festivals of Kerala.
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