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Ayurveda & Spa TourKerala – ‘Gods Own Country’ as it is better known- is a treat to the eye. A long a coastline soaked in the golden sun and threaded with dainty coconut trees, this state of the Indian peninsula is stunningly beautiful. Flanked by the spectacular Arabian Sea on the west and gigantic mountains of the Western Ghats on the east, the landscape is etched with mountains, valleys, plains, rivers and numerous rivulets.

Picturesque backwaters are a unique feature of Kerala. They are welcome recluse from hectic city life. These backwaters are formed of a network of canals linking the lakes and backwaters to facilitate an uninterrupted inland water navigation system. Once you have been to these backwaters you would want to come back to their calm respite over and over again. No wonder they have been an incessant source of tourist attraction for centuries.

One more thing has come up spectacularly in the past few years and has given a major boost to Kerala state tourism – that is Ayurveda. Although Ayurveda evolved centuries ago in India, its roots can be traced as far back as about 600 BC. However it is only in recent years that it has grown leaps and bounds and has become almost a symbolic representation of tourism in India – especially in Kerala because here this stream of medicine is followed exactly, meticulously and scrupulously.

Kerala's moderate climate, natural abundance of forests impregnated with a reservoir of herbs and medicinal plants and the cool monsoon season are best suited for Ayurveda's curative and restorative packages. According to experts in ayurveda, monsoon is the best time for ayurvedic treatments as the atmosphere remains dust free and the moisture helps the body pores to open to the maximum. This makes the body more receptive to a variety of herbs and oils used in ayurveda. Ayurveda not only heals the particular ailment for which the treatment is taken but also rejuvenates the whole body by eliminating toxic imbalances present in the body and thus helps in maintaining good health.

Of all treatments in ayurveda, spa therapy is particularly popular and is in vogue among tourists. With the advent of monsoons every year, resorts in Kerala offer rejuvenating health packages in their ayurvedic spas . The word spa comes from the Latin phrase ‘ salus per aquae’ or ‘health through water’. According to another legend the word and concept of Spa actually originates from the time of the Roman Empire when battle weary legionnaires tried to find a way to recover from their military wounds and ailments. To relieve their aching bodies, they built baths around hot wells. These places were called ‘aquae’s and ‘Sanus per Aquam’ (S P A) - meaning health by or through water was the bathing treatments undertaken.

A spa is a place where one can get spa treatments like massage, facials and other body treatments . Spas are devoted to enhancing an integrated healing of mind, body and spirit or soul. Ayurvedic spas offer excellent remedies for disorders such as diabetes, high BP, infertility, impotence, arthritis, hypertension, gastro-intestinal problems and numerous chronic illness and infectious diseases. There are special packages for beauty treatment, also. The basic ingredients used in spa treatments are water, honey, various kinds of mud, flowers, herbs and oils. Spas have a tranquil, soothing, calming and peaceful atmosphere with light instrumental music and a relaxing aromatic fragrance that ensure flow of positive energies.

Ayurvedic spas in Kerala have a wide range of treatment therapies from medication to massage, yoga and cleansing and detoxification programs with help of natural herbs and oils. But the popular ones are slimming, stress management and beauty packages - all using oils, herbal powders and leaves.

There are various therapies and treatments used in a typical spa. People largely like to visit a spa for its therapeutic or healing touch. From a choice of treatments that might be available, there are certain therapies that are recommended and promise satisfying results.

The most appealing, desirous and demanded Ayurvedic treatments for men are Hawaiian, Thai and Balinese. The therapists’ technique is characteristically typical in that in order to remove the tension the forearms are used on various pressure points. This excellent method helps in alleviating stress.

A popular therapy is the Warm Honey massage. The back area, which is one of the most neglected of all the body parts, gets special treatment with warm honey. The honey removes dead skin, acts as a natural moisturizer and encourages healthy flexibility of the skin. The honey also adds that natural shine and lustre to the skin leaving you feeling younger.

The fourhanded treatment is also very popular. In this technique two therapists use both hands covering the whole body with varying force of pressure being applied in circular motion. Its effect is total revitalization.

Then there are the more common ones, the Steam, Sauna and Jacuzzi bath. This is said to be one of the most effective and relaxing of all. The tranquil atmosphere, serene aromatic bath and underwater massage treatment releases the tension and tones the body. This form of hydrotherapy combined with heat therapy and the resilience of being submerged in especially fragrant water, have a combined effect and work together to assist in unwinding of the body, mind and the spirit. It gives a boost to the immune system while allowing blood to flow more freely thus increasing circulation and metabolism.

These physical enhancements created by the spa have a strong bearing on the body, mind and soul alike, while the controlled environment works together to produce an environment conducive to general relaxation.Book Now