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Guruvayoor town in the Thrissur districts in Kerala stand prominent in Kerala for the sacred pilgrim center of the Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple and its festivals. Thronged by hundreds of devotees and visitors every year, this centuries old temple is regarded as a sacred pilgrim center of Kerala. If you are on a Kerala Tour, do not miss out on the several festivals that are held in this temple throughout the year.

Guruvayoor Festivals

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The Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple being the center of attraction in the small town of Guruvayoor, the several festivals that are celebrated here are attractions in itself. These festivals include :

  • The 10 days festival or Utsavam, which is held every February - March. This is one of the most important Guruvayoor festivals, which begins with Dwajastambham, when the temple flag is hoisted. Rituals involving great pomp and gaiety follow such as the elephant processions, hunting expedition or Palliveta, holy bath or Arattu and cultural programs. Splendor and vigor encase the festival, which is highlight of the Festivals of Kerala.
  • Vishukkani in Medam celebrated around the first day of the Hindu month of Medam, which falls between April- May. One of the most awaited traditional Festivals of Guruvayoor.
  • Ashtami Rohini in the Malayalam month of Chingkom (between August-September) is the birthday of Lord Krishna. This is one of the widely celebrated Festivals in Kerala as well.
  • Sukla Paksha Ekadasi is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Vrischikom (November-December). This day is also called the Pratishtha Dinam or the installation day of the temple and stands as one of the most revered Kerala Festivals.
Kuchela Day in month of Dhanu (December-January in the English calendar). This festival commemorates the day on which one of the ardent devotes of Lord Krishna, Kulecha offered Avil or parched rice to the Lord.
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