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The Kanathurkavu Utsavam is one of the most ardently celebrated festivals of Kerala which is held in the Kanathurkavu Temple in Kunnur. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Mahadevi and Sree Rama and is regarded highly by the devotees. The Kanathurkavu Utsavam is the annual festival celebrated in this temple which exhibits the ritualistic traditions and culture of Kerala, a must see during your South India Tour.

Kanathurkavu Utsavam in Kerala

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The Kanathurkavu Utsavam is one of the most awaited Kerala festivals and is witnessed by thousands of visitors every year. The festival is held around the month of April. The chief attraction of this festival is the Theyyattam or Theyyam, the traditional dance ritual of Goddess Mahadevi and other Gods.

Theyyatom is one of the widely practiced dance forms in Kerala which involved dramatic makeup, colourful costume, and energetic movements. His dance form is believed to be a representation of the souls of gods and goddesses and heroes of the land and well as goddess’ victory over the evil demon Daruka and others. This dance performance is perhaps the best attractions of the Kanathurkavu Utsavam in Kerala and is one of the top draws of any Kerala Tour during this time of the year.
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