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Kodungalloor, located in Thrissur is known for the Bhagawathy temple where Kodungalloor Bharani Utsavam takes place. “Bharani” means the second asterism of the lunar month and considered a very auspicious day of the festival. The significance of this festival is that it is the birthplace of Bhadrakaali, who was born from the third eye of Samhara Rudra. In Hindu mythology Samhara Rudra is believed to have killed demon Darika. At the time of the festival a sacrifice is made and it is made through the cocks, considered one of the important features of the festival. It is also believed that blessing from this temple can cure diseases like cholera and small-pox. It is one of the wealthiest temples in Kerala. During the festival the devotees bring in stuffs like rice, salt chillies, betel leaf, turmeric and number of cocks. People also consume a large quantity of arrack and toddy.

Kodungalloor Bharani Utsavam

During your South India tour do pay a visit the wealthiest temples in India. This festival is celebrated to commemorate this glorious past, the Victory of the Goddess. Kodungalloor was also the prehistoric capital of Kerala. One of the unique features of this festival is that the devotees come to the temple and pollute the place by hurling abuses, throwing stones and filth at the shrine.

If you want to be the part of Kodungalloor Bharani Utsavam then plan for your tour to Kerala in month of Meenam (March and April). Kodungalloor Bharani Festival is celebrated in Thrissur, lying 33 kms northeast of Ernakulam in Kerala. This place has a rusty past. This festival is also celebrated with much fun and zeal. A past that is depicted and followed even today, is definitely something major and glorious. This is something that fascinates many and something that should definitely be witnessed.
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