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The Lokanarkavu Utsavam is the main annual festival of the Lokanarkavu Temple situated in the small town of Vatakara in Kerala. Surrounded by three rock cut caves (which has inspired the temple to be named so), this temple is not only a revered place of worship but also a must visit attractions for those on Kerala Tour. The three-rock cut caves in the temple premises are beautifully engraved with carvings and murals.

Lokanarkavu Utsavam in Kerala

Book NowAbout Lokanarkavu Utsavam

The Lokanarkavu Utsavam (festival) is celebrated during the months of Vrishchikam as per the Malayalam calendar in around November-December. Another annual festival in this temple is celebrated during the months of March-April. Nevertheless it is the former one which is regarded as the main festival of the temple and is locally known as Mandalavilakku.

One of the most important festivals of Kerala, the Lokanarkavu Utsavam in Kerala is unique in its own regard. It is only here that a folk dance called Thacholikali is performed during this festival. This dance form is akin to traditional martial art called Kalarippayattu and attracts audience from far away places. Another attraction is that all the lamps on the walls of the Lokanarkavu Bhagawathy Temple are lit on the occasion. This indeed makes it one of the mush awaited Kerala Festivals. Large numbers of people from various places flock here to see this festival.

Special features of temples in India are their ritualistic festivals and this is what makes each India tour of the travelers a memorable experience. The Lokanarkavu Utsavam offers you just that. Everything is special and memorable.
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