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A great retreat, Peermede is an exquisite hill station in the Western Ghats and a choice break for tourists en route to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Sprawling estates of tea, coffee, cardamom, rubber and eucalyptus surround this charming hill station, once prominent as the summer retreat of the Travancore kings. The history of the place is closely connected with Peer Mohammad, a Sufi Saint, believed to be the first trader of spices in the region. Natural landscape, pine forests and an invigorating climate make Peermede in Kerala an enthralling and artistic destination.

Peermede is a lovely hill station at 915 m above sea level. It is an ideal retreat in the Western Ghats and a choice break for tourists en route to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Peermede and its surroundings are suitable for trekking, cycling and horse riding. Kuttikanam a place for adventure tourism and trekking is just 3 km from Peermede.


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Eagle Rock or Parunthupara : Eagle Rock or Parunthupara also known as Grampi offers panoramic view from the peaks. The place is called eagle rock because we can see a large area around like an eagle. Rocky landscapes, thriving hillsides, forests, trekking trails and scenic view lend charm to the destination and make it one of the most loved Hill Stations in Kerala. The road to Eagle Rock is bordered by never-ending stretches of cardamom, tea and coffee plantation.

CSI Church (St George’s Church) : This church was built in 1867 and is believed to be the first church of the High Ranges and hence an important constituent of Kerala Tour. Surrounded by cypress and pine orchards, the church is situated on 17 acres. It is an architectural marvel with decorative arches and carved teak wood beams.

Thrisangu Hills : Blazing sunsets and splendid views beckon nature lovers to these hills in Peermede, just half a kilometre from Kuttikanam junction. One of the top attractions that make Peermede one of the most visited Kerala Hill Stations .

Summer Palace :Once the maharajas of Travancore spend their summers in this huge palace which is now in a dilapidated state. It is surrounded by lush greenery. The corridors, underground passages, darbars, smoke-stained gates and prison cells remind the grandeur and splendour of a bygone era. A must visit place in Peermede for the inquisitive travellers.

Panchalimedu : Located at the altitude of 2,500 feet above the sea level, Panchalimedu is a famous trekking destination. It takes 3-hour trek from Valliankavu, also connected by bus service from Kottayam. The ancient granite edicts found on these hills in close proximity to Mundakayam Valley link this region to the great epic, Mahabharata where it is believed to have provided shelter to the Pandavas for some time. The cool climate and refreshing breeze is a specialty here. The place offers an ethereal atmosphere.

Make your India Tour the unforgettable as you explore the various attractions of Peermede.
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