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One of the major attractions of Kerala is the presence of numerous, extravagant temples. These temples acquire intrinsic role in the culture of Kerala as they host magnificent festivals. During these festivals of Kerala huge crowds congregate from various districts, one such magnificently celebrated festival is Sabrimala festival. Celebrated during the pilgrimage for Sabrimala temple situated on Sahyadri Mountains (Western Ghats), Sabrimala festival in Kerala generates feelings of brotherhood and communal harmony amongst the people. Thousands of devotees visit Sabarimala during the months of November-January when the main festival takes place.

Sabrimala Festival

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The Sabrimala festival is dedicated to lord Ayyappa who is well known as Shri Dharma Sastha, accordingly the temple is also known as Sabrimala Shri Dharma Sastha Temple. Thousands of devotees visit Sabarimala during the months of November-January when the main festival takes place.

Makara Vilakku Puja (worship) : The auspicious journey to the Sabrimala temple reaches its finale with a seven-day festival of Makara Vilakku Puja conducted on every 14th of January in the Sabrimala temple itself. This festival is the most important part of the celebration of Sabrimala festival in Kerala. After the 41 days of intricate journey towards Sabrimala temple, the pilgrims along with the people from different districts of Kerala, celebrates the legendary event of enshrining of lord Ayyappa. The devotees who visit the temple during the festival walk barefoot through the uneven road to reach the temple.

The Finale and the Makarajyothi : During the seven days celebration the jewellery of the deity is brought from Pandalam. On the day of Makara Vilakku or Makara Sakranthi lord Ayyappa is decorated with all the ancient ornaments made in gold. The enshrining of the deity is the most important event of the Sabrimala festival in Kerala. The festival then is followed by a procession of people towards hill of the Sahyadri ranges of Western Ghats to witness the celestial light that appears on this day. This light known as the Makarajyothi, on the hill is believed to be the symbol of lord Ayyapa’s blessing to his devotees.

Thus, people from Kerala and also those on a South India tour, travel long distances to witness this phenomenon event because of their faith or curiosity about the divine presence of the lord in the premises of Sabarimala shrine.
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