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One of the most spectacular temples of South-India is the Mahadeva temple, this temple is situated at Kottayam, Kerala on the top of the Thirunakkara hill. This temple has very rich cultural heritage and is a hub for celebrations of various festivals of Kerala. The annual festival of this temple is the Thirunakkara Utsavam which is a10 day long festival which is also an occasion for the exhibition of various art forms of Kerala. The festival is marked with pageantry and performances of martial arts, music and dance.

Thirunakkara Utsavam

Book NowTen Days of Celebration of the Thirunakkara Utsavam

About Thirunakkara Utsavam : It is a ten day festival which is celebrated in the third week of March every year in the famous Mahadeva temple. The Mahadeva temple is dedicated to lord Shiva, and the Thirunakkara Utsavam in Kerala pays its homage to lord Shiva only. This temple with its beautiful collection of wood carvings, frescos and wall sculptures adds to the festivities of these temple festivals of Kerala. All the festivals hold major significance in people's lives.

Rituals of Thirunakkara Utsavam : Celebrated for ten days, it is a jubilant festival, which showcases an aesthetic journey of art and performing skills that enhances the experience of a Kerala tour.

  • The third and the fourth days : are most splendidly celebrated with the performances of famous Mayilattam, the peacock dance and other performances of Velakali and Kathakali, the traditional dance forms of Kerala. The last two days of the auspicious festival are most important.
  • Ninth day : the second last day is known as Pullivetta, the pageant of caparisoned elephants along with the performances of Mayilattam and Velakali.
  • Tenth day : The passionate celebration continues for ten days and concludes with the bathing ceremony of lord Mahadeva called ‘ARATTU’. A string of nine majestically ornamented and decorated elephants accompany the idol of the lord Mahadeva for bathing in the noon amidst sounds of drums the effect is one of divinity and must be experienced while on a South-India tour. Thus, is completed with the old religious ceremonies inside the temple where devotees offer prayers to their deity.

This festival is then followed by a fair that features exhibition of agricultural products besides the usual fair ground stalls. Thus, this festival is one of complete merriment and devotion for the deity.
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