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Apart from the various festivals celebrated in the divine state of Kerala, Thiruvathira is said to be the Women’s Festival of Kerala. It is celebrated on the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December-January). On this day ladies worship Lord Shiva and pray for connubial harmony. Another very interesting facet of this festival is the Thiruvathirakkali dance that the women perform on this day.


This festival is been celebrated for ages but no one knows its origin. It is said to be celebrated to commemorate the death of ‘Kaamadeva’ (the Hindu God of Love). Some people also consider this day as a very auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva and pay a visit to local temple devoted to Lord Shiva.

As said earlier that this festival is totally a women’s festival, the ladies perform several rituals to mark the festival of Thiruvathira. This festival last for about seven days and is mostly celebrated by the Nair community of Kerala. Folk dances and folk songs are the common views in different parts of Kerala during the celebration of Thiruvathira.

During Thiruvathira, it’s a day of fasting for the ladies and hence on this day they can only have preparations of Chama (panicum milicceum) or wheat and fruits. There is also a tradition for this festival to eat betel leaves on this day. The group of young women get up from sleep at 4 in the morning, goes out takes a bath in the local pond. A fairly large number of young ladies get together in the pond for this.

On your most awaited tour to Kerala do not miss out the festival of Thiruvathira as it has a great significance to explore that cannot be describe in words.
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