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Tourist Destinations in Kottayam

The southern edge of the vast Indian continent is blessed with the picturesque backwaters of Kottayam, Kerala. The name Kottayam is derived from the words Kotta[fort] and akam[inside] thereby meaning ‘inside the fort’. Rulers of Munjanad and Thekkumkur had their headquarters at Thazhathangadi in the present Kottayam town. Marthanda Varma of Travancore attacked Thekkumkur and destroyed the palace and the Thaliyil fort. The remnants of palaces and forts are still seen here. Its fertile fields, scenic beauty and easy accessibility surely were a lucrative treat for the Maharaja. The ruins of Maharaja’s palaces are very important part of any Kerala tour package.
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The serene beauty of Kottayam backwaters is situated amidst the Western Ghats mountain ranges on one side, with the beauteous Vembanand Lake on the other and Kuttanad on the western front. Its southern part is signified with the Alappuzha district. Tour to Kottayam gives an opportunity to explore into the most mystic abode of nature.

Places To Visit In Kottayam, Kerala Tour :

The nurturing and calming effect of nature can be experienced in the serenity of the Kottayam backwaters. Its blue water surrounded by lush green paddy fields, generates a very peaceful environment, which relaxes all the senses and brings you back to the essence of life. Kottayam,Kerala tour provides great amount of options for site-seeing; it is a mountainous region with backwaters, exotic landscapes, bird sanctuaries, churches and temples. Tour to Kottayam also showcases all the aspects associated with South India, the land of many religions, as one can see various temples and churches standing straight in perfect harmony with each other.

Some of the major attractions of Kottayam Kerala tour are:
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Thirunakkara Shiva Temple :

The temple is constructed in typical Keralan style. Its walls are decorated with the images of the scenes from the Indian epics. The temple is a storehouse of South Indian tradition as it also organizes Kootiyattam or Sanskrit dramas. It is one of the oldest shrines in the city that was built about 5 centuries ago. It was constructed by a South Indian ruler named Thekkumkur Maharajah.

St. Mary’s :

is the biggest church in Kottayam is an indispensable feature of holidays in Kerala. Dedicated to St. Mary the church was built in 1550 AD. The church is famous for its enchanting architecture and for being the example of earliest example of Christianity in South India. The paintings and sculptures of the temples and churches of Kottayam further enhance the sublime aspect of Kerala tour and make it rather a divine experience.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary : Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve, is placed at the ranges of Western Ghats, Kumily. A few kilometers from the Kottayam backwaters, this sanctuary provides an insight into the explored and also the unexplored wildlife. It is the ultimate tourist destination for all animal lovers, as the place has a rich population of deer,wild pigs, bison, leopards, tigers and many other species.

Kumarakom backwaters : one can also extend the unforgettable South India tour by visiting the nearby Kumarakom backwaters enjoying the cruise ride that gives an insight of the developing country that India is.

Other Attractions : Kottayam has all three types of landscapes that are, low, middle and high. Thus provides all modes of exploring the region. This region of Kerala is well connected with a series of canals and lakes, a backwater cruise commences at Alappuzha and it finishes at Kottayam makes the South India tour more resourceful.

Things To Do On Kottayam Kerala Tour

Visit to Tea-shop while touring Kerala : Kottayam is well known as a land of lakes, latex and letters with almost hundred percent literacy ratios. People are friendly and they open all gates to social gathering and a talk over tea is a common phenomenon which can be observed very closely on the Kerala tour.

Village Bazaars Of Kottayam : This place also provides enormous options for shopping for local handicrafts at the village bazaars. Thus, one can shop for a beautiful memento, which will help recollect the memories of this Kerala tour, providing a sense of peace and tranquility even in the future.

Commercial Importance : the sun-kissed beaches of Kottayam, Kerala are covered with serene palm trees and enchants with the aroma of exotic Keralan spices and condiments. The rubber plantation further compliments the eternal effect of the backwaters. Kottayam generates maximum amount of Eco- friendly rubber in South India. The lush green fields of Kottayam, has that mesmerizing effect to it which attracts tourists from all around the world to experience these beautiful surroundings.

Food Options : Kottayam has a rich number of food joints, and they specialize in regional South Indian food as well as other delicacies. As Kottayam owns many water bodies, fish and coconut are two main ingredients of all the food recipes. Consequently, dishes with local fishes and coconut as ingredients surely increase appetite. The traditional food of the place is something that would definitely make you fall for the place.

Accommodation While On A Tour To Kerala, Kottayam
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Kottayam being a place of well educated people is no less advanced than any of the metropolitan cities of the county. Thus, have a huge range of options for accommodation, Kottayam provides en number of Kerala tour packages. This range springs from luxurious hotels to all kinds of cheaper modes of accommodation. Kottayam has options for all the different travelers from different backgrounds, as it also provides number of pocket friendly options for stay while on a tour to Kerala, Kottayam.

Quick Facts For Kottayam, Tour To South India

Nearest Airports : Cochin located at a distance of 76 km.

Thiruvanthapuran : (Trivandrum) is located at a distance of 160 km.

Languages Spoken : Malayalam and English

Religion : Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

Best Time to Visit : October to March.h
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