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Yoga and Meditation in Kerala

Kerala, a south Indian state, is a home to meditation and yoga since antiquity. Kerala is known for rejuvenating tasks. Meditation and yoga are considered as the alternative therapies of India for holistic healing of the body, mind and soul. One of the reasons that Kerala sought by the health travellers of the country and abroad is its age-old practice of yoga and meditation. To shuffle off from the stressful life of this fast-paced world; yoga and meditation are medically proved great stress-buster. The Kerala tour packages cover this yoga and meditation tour. Now, yoga and meditation is an important part of the Kerala travel. Yoga and meditation serves various purposes like physical fitness, beauty, mental concentration, peace of mind, enlightenment, wealth, magical powers, etc.

Yoga and meditation, a health culture of Kerala is included in the Kerala itinerary those who want to visit this state of India to have a first hand experience of these old forms of regimens of mind and body. Yoga is some forms of ancient workouts developed by Indian sages who were worshiping in the serene abode of nature. The workouts of yoga have healing power to cure various diseases of the body and mind. However, to get benefits from yoga, one has to put efforts from his side.

Though yoga is a self-learning practice, yet one should learn from the yoga experts to avoid side effects. In Kerala, most of the professional and expert yoga gurus teach this practice to the travellers.  Yoga has physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. The basic forms of yoga are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyana and Samadhi.

The health and other travelers who visit this 'God's Own Country', Kerala have an advantage to learn this yoga and meditation techniques. Meditation is also an ancient art form of health developed by Indian Rishis and Munis who used to meditate on the holy mountain like Himalayas and other distant places of nature to feel oneness with God. Though in ancient times, people think meditation means oneness with God, yet the concept changed now due to its scientific grounds. Meditation is now a supreme mental exercise and its diverse techniques developed also.

Yoga means 'harmony' and yoga in reality makes a person and the whole community harmonious. Kerala has the most renowned yoga and meditation center with hygiene location and equipments. The ayurvedic resorts of Kerala offer the yoga and meditation to the travelers where expert Gurus teach these alternative therapies. Some of the resorts located on the seaside and backwaters have yoga and meditation experts. Now Kerala is the major yoga and meditation hub of India. Yoga and meditation are now forms of enlightenment. So while visiting India, don’t miss yoga and meditation tour in Kerala.